When dealing with construction projects in or around water, BaseLok™ technologies showcase a line of dependable composite marine structures. We incorporate top-quality geogrids and geotextiles to create products designed to enhance the constructability and longevity of coastal and marine structures. With enhanced hydraulic capabilities and superior engineering, BaseLok™ solutions diminish costs in comparison to other alternatives.


Marine Mattresses

The BaseLok™ Marine Mattress system is engineered to withstand harsh and perpetually changing conditions found on most coastal and waterway construction projects. The flexibility of the mattresses allow them to bend to the contour of the project's subgrade, providing superior scour protection compared to other manufactured revetments. BaseLok™ Marine Mattresses are specifically designed to resist degradation from chemical, biological and environmental factors, making them optimal for use in salt water exposure, industrial runoff and sediment remediation projects.

Filter Mattresses

BaseLok™ Filter Mattresses are specifically engineered to provide scour protection in difficult marine environments. The mat encases a geotextile fabric inside six inches of aggregate. The mat successfully functions as an installation mechanism for geotextile and bedding stone in deeper water and high-speed currents.

Grid Composite

BaseLok™ Grid Composite systems are engineered to act as a filter layer beneath riprap and armor stone by coupling BaseLok™ GeoGrid with a geotextile. This Grid Composite layer helps to prevent differential settlement during construction of riprap, rubble-mound structures and similar installations in low energy wave environments. Grid Composite panel dimensions are customized to meet project dimensions.

Gabions and Gabion Mats

BaseLok™ Gabions are a heavy-duty, non-corrosive solution to traditional steel wire gabions in areas where corrosion is anticipated. Gabions and Gabion Mats are typically designed for potential high corrosion applications, including saltwater, de-icing, salt run-off, and acidic environments such as acid mine drainage. Our lightweight design also makes the gabion mats optimal for remote access projects. BaseLok™ Gabions and/or Gabion Mats can be customized by size to match your project’s parameters.

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