Geocells were first used and patented in the early 80's by the United States Army Corps of Engineers. The early use of the technology was for the construction of roads over soft soils for military use. Today, BaseLok™ GeoCell is not only used for base stabilization, but also for erosion control of slopes and channels as well as in construction of retaining walls.

The superior effectiveness of our BaseLok™ GeoCell is made even better thanks to our BaseLok™ team’s proficiency and technical support. We offer Lunch & Learns and Webinars for PDH credits and certificates, on-site visits and design assistance. IFI Engineers are ready to provide cost-saving solutions to help meet your project requirements.


Base Stabilization

BaseLok™ GeoCell is a confinement system that performs better than conventional crushed stone sections, and it provides an expedient construction technique for access roads over soft ground without being adversely affected by wet weather conditions. GeoCell can also be used to strengthen paved areas.

Slope Reinforcement

On slope applications, BaseLok™ GeoCell can be filled with angular rock, concrete or with vegetated soil. The cells confine the infill material, creating a stable layer protecting the slope from erosion. GeoCell is a flexible system that will contour to the subgrade of a slope, reducing preparation time. When filled with vegetated soil or rock, the system is permeable - reducing water runoff.

Channel Protection

BaseLok™ GeoCell can be installed on slopes as steep as 60 degrees and on channels with flow velocities greater than 25 ft/s (7.6 m/s), depending on infill material. Angular rock is used for velocities up to 10 ft/s (3 m/s), vegetated soil up to 20 ft/s (6 m/s) and concrete for velocities greater than 20 ft/s (6 m/s).

Retaining Walls

BaseLok™ GeoCell can be used for both cut and fill applications on retaining walls. The flexible HDPE panels are custom made to the front to back dimensions required by the project engineer. GeoCell can be easily installed around curves, pipes or other structures. The panels are constructed with the front facing strip colored green or tan to blend in with the surroundings. GeoCell panels can be stacked to create a 90 degree wall, or they can be stair stepped at every layer to create exposed cell for vegetation. BaseLok™ GeoCell is the perfect green wall solution.

How GeoCell Works

BaseLok™ GeoCell is made from high density polyethylene (HDPE) and manufactured in the USA. HDPE has been used for the most demanding industrial products since 1955. The three-dimensional cells impede lateral movement of the infill material, increasing structural strength and locking in materials for erosion protection. The cell walls are perforated to allow water flow through the system, creating improved root zone between cells for vegetated applications. On concrete filled GeoCell, the HDPE matrix becomes the form for the concrete. There is no need for wood forms or rebar. The panels are expanded and the concrete poured directly into the GeoCell.
  • Multi-Purpose

    Variety of uses – including Base Stabilization, Slope Reinforcement, Channel Protection and Retaining Walls

  • Cost-Effective

    Significantly reduce cost with the use of on-site materials, decreased structural layer and a faster installation using the industry’s largest single size panels

  • Environmentally Friendly

    Allows for the construction of green infrastructure by reducing the need for non-renewable resources and creating a permeable and vegetated surface

  • Efficient and Easy

    Quicker installation compared to other geocell products, custom manufacturing and on-site assistance from our GeoCell experts

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  • Pouring aggregate into GeoCell
  • Spreading aggregate over GeoCell
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