Biaxial (BX) geogrids have been used successfully in the civil construction industry for over 60 years. BaseLok™ GeoGrid is manufactured in Houston, TX from an extruded polypropylene sheet that is punched and drawn. The result is an open aperture plastic netting structure that resists high, short term dynamic loads or moderate loads over long periods of time.

The superior effectiveness of our GeoGrid is made even better thanks to our BaseLok™ team’s proficiency and technical support. We offer Lunch & Learns and Webinars for PDH credits and certificates, on-site visits and design assistance.


  • Optimize the pavement section to provide maximum initial cost savings: typically 10% - 20%
  • Maintain an existing pavement design but “beef it up” with a geogrid to extend its design life: typically 2-to-6 fold
  • Develop a cost-neutral solution, i.e., provide some design life extension while ensuring there is no additional cost resulting from the use of the geogrid

Rolling Out GeoGrid

Snowshoe Effect

Based on distribution of force, BaseLok™ GeoGrid creates a matrix of geogrid and aggregate to distribute heavy loads over softer subgrades.

GeoGrid Evenly Distributes Downward Force

How GeoGrid Works

An aggregate layer by itself or alone can move around when under force. When BaseLok™ GeoGrid is installed beneath an aggregate layer, the open aperture structure allows fill material to interlock, proving tensile properties to the aggregate, increasing the stiffness of the section and improving performance. The result is a reduction in rutting and a large cost savings by reducing the required aggregate thickness.

  • Multi-Purpose

    Allows aggregate separation and stabilization

  • Cost-Effective

    Save time and money with optimal structural thickness

  • Environmentally Friendly

    Safe and permanent alternative to chemical stabilization agents

  • Efficient and Easy

    Installation is simple and quick with our variety of roll sizes


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